Sunday, January 3, 2010

Top 100 of the Aughts: Introduction

NOYOUCMON is a music blog with a specific purpose—to present and discuss the author’s one hundred favorite albums from the years 2000-2009.

NOYOUCMON stems from a personal project begun in 1999 by the author and his brother, in which each dared the other to devise a list of 100 favorite '90s albums with accompanying essays on each release. In a Web-based world where hundreds of sites present Top 10, Top 100, and even Top 1000 lists on a regular basis, this does not seem like much of a feat. While many sites’ lists appear to be produced in a week-long timeframe or thereabouts in order to meet an imminent end-of-year or end-of-decade deadline, NOYOUCMON’s methodology is more intensive. The decade-spanning lists created by the author are the results of months of regimented listening and exhaustive analysis. From the thousands of albums purchased by NOYOUCMON during the decade we shall herein call THE AUGHTS, a shortlist of approximately 250 albums was created and studied in chronological order for the entirety of 2009.  A new essay will appear on a regular basis counting down toward #1.  Once the Aughts list is complete, work will begin on a revised version of the Top 100 Albums of the '90s, originally written in 1999-2000.  From there, other decades will be tackled.

Again, this list consists of NOYOUCMON's favorite albums of the decade--not what is deemed to be the "best" by him or anybody.  That would be a different list, with a different methodology, with different results. 

The Top 100 of the Aughts will begin with a 25-album collection of recordings that didn’t quite make the list, but are significant enough to mention. This section, Bubbling Under, begins now…

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